Welcome to One to Better

Building ideas and finishing what you start.

Welcome to One to Better.

July 2020, I signed up with launchmba.co for a crazy idea, to build and launch one digital product every month for twelve months. Why? Because ideas are easy, executing on those ideas, that's hard, especially when you have a habit of starting a lot of things and finishing few. I needed something to help me build better habits and complete more projects.

So, I joined a group where I publicly committed to building and launching products every month. LaunchMBA added accountability and a supportive community, but I also wanted to share my journey with others.

One to better is my second idea and will document my progress every step of the way in a weekly newsletter. I'll write about what I'm learning, reading, and making. Idea three and four will be a continuation of the One to Better, and I’ll build a blog and podcast.

In case you were wondering, my first idea is already complete and launched. I launched whynocode.com on August 27, 2020, three days before the 30-day deadline.😊

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