On Oppionated Passion and other Zen Musings
I love Saturday morning coffee and working on side projects, our little labors of passion and love. Many have written about the importance of having a…

February 2023

Tools to help move out thoughts into drafts.

November 2022

Imagined Experiences with AI As an artist and creator, I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and can't stop thinking about it…
Hi everyone, First off, thank you to everyone who has stayed with me since the beginning of this newsletter. Your support truly means a lot to me…

May 2021

Building a newsletter to curate cool and interesting news from Japan.

November 2020

Don't Overthink The Simple Stuff
Leave The Ego At The Door.

October 2020

Launching an Affiliate Store with Pory in Seven Days
Keep it Simple and Just Do it.

September 2020

The Art of Learning, Building in Public and Sharing
The Idea and The Why Behind The One to Better Newsletter